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Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent,
16 Kara-Bulak str.
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Important  Information for Visitors to  Uzbeksitan
Government of Uzbekistan has reiterated that all visitors to Uzbekistan need to comply with the prevailing rules governing entry, stay and exit of foreigners in force in the country. 
1.       Customs Declaration Form T-6 is used in customs control and execution of national and foreign currency, currency valuables, goods, transportations and other subjects, being transported through the customs of the Republic of Uzbekistan by foreign nationals and which are not meant for production and other commercial activities.
2.   The declaration form is to be filled out by all foreign national above the age of 16 while crossing the border of the Republic of Uzbekistan every time and also during dispatch and receive of unaccompanied baggage from foreign countries, in accordance with rules governing baggage, medicines , drugs, psychotropic items and precursors, jewellery etc.
3.   Text information should be written in block letters.  Information about accompanied luggage, including medicaments, psychotropic drugs and jewelleries should be indicated in concerning blank spaces of declaration
4.    According to present documentation individuals are permitted to import jewelleries in the quantity of 5 items with a total weight of no more than 30 grams indicating details of items in the custom declaration form without payment of excise tax.
5.    List of items and productions, export and import of which is prohibited in the Republic of Uzbekistan and details of acts of legislation on customs may be accessed at www.lex.uz
6     It is advised that travelers seek full briefing of rules/regulations and do’s & don'ts from their travel agent/tour operator/hotel prior to their departure.
7.   On entry all visitors including tourists need to register themselves with the office of department of Entry, Exit and citizenship of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (OVIR).  While, normally the concerned hotel where the tourist is put up automatically does the registration for the guest, it is desirable to reconfirm with the hotel while making the booking itself.  For other types of visitors the 'host party' or 'inviting party’ is responsible for registration.
It is important that all visitors familiarise and comply with the relevant regulations for foreigners, or else the visitor is likely to face difficulties during their stay and at the time of departure.

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