Embassy of India in Republic of Uzbekistan
Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent,
16 Kara-Bulak str.
Phone: (99871) 140-09-83,
140-09-97, 140-09-98
Fax: (99871) 140-09-87, 140-09-99

Important links

http://www.investindia.gov.in(Invest India is the Principal Investment Agency for targeted and sector specific Investment promotion efforts. It is the country's official agency dedicated to investment promotion and facilitation)

http://www.goidirectory.gov.in ( Governement of India Directory)

http://india.gov.in (Government of India-National Portal)

www.ibef.in/russia  (India Brand Equity Foundation)

http://www.oifc.in/  (Website of Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC)

www.teaindia.org: (website of Tea Board) 

www.tradeportalindia.com (recent trade portal of India) 

www.trade-india.com (Trade portal with data-bases on best Indian and other companies worldwide) 

www.indiamart.com (Trade portal with data-bases on large number of Indian companies) 


www.delhileatherfair.com (information on the biggest leather exhibitions in India) 

www.apeda.com (data-bases of processed food exporters of India and link to online exhibition) 

www.ciionline.org (website of the Confederation of Indian Industry) 

www.fieo.com (website of the Federation of Indian Export Organisation\'s Members) 

www.ficci.com (website of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) 

www.indianexporters.com (website of Indian exporters)

www.itpomos.ru (ITPO Moscow website)

www.indiatradepromotion.org (ITPO Head Office website)

www.tradeportalindia.com (the recent trade portal of India)

www.trade-india.com (Trade Portal with data-bases on best Indian and other companies worldwide) 

www.indiamart.com (Trade Portal with data-bases on best Indian companies) 

www.internet.ru  (news in the Internet) 

www.texstylesindia.com (website on textile market of India with data-bases on the best textile companies and information on the exhibition "Tex-Styles India\'2002") 

www.trade-india.com (India Exporter Yellow Pages) 

www.indiaday.org:(Essential link for the Indian Diaspora)

www.trai.gov.in: (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)

www.cdot.com: (Centre for Development of Telematics)

www.indiansources.com: (Electronics & Computer Software Export Promotion Council)

www.stpi.soft.net: (Software Technology Parks of India)

www.nic.in/indiainfra: (Cabinet Secretanate)

www.finmin.nic.in : (Ministry of Finance)

www.mea.gov.in: (Ministry of External Affairs)

www.nic.in/indmin/: (Ministry of Industry)

www.nic.in/eximpol: (Ministry of Commerce)

www.doe.gov.in: (Department of Electronics)

www.hal-india.com: (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)

www.investindia.gov.in ( for investment related quries, contact invest India)

www.finmin.nic.in/bipa/bipa_index.asp: Bilatranl Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (BIPAs)

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